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Not that I had any great presence here for the last, I dunno, six years ( is the place for all your cwab-related needs), BUT in the interest of not having any future stuff scanned by the NSA when it goes to a server in Russia, I've copied the archive for this over to DreamWidth. I think everyone here should already be on my friendslist, if you link accounts, but if not I'm sure we can make it happen.

I was also called an egotistical self-promoter!

On Monday, February 1, I received the second message via Twitter that I'd been nominated for special recognition. The first time was nearly a year ago when one of my Twitter posts had been selected for the funny-tweets-compilation Twitter Wit, but this was completely different. COMPLETELY different.

Apparently I'd been selected to be a Memphis Hottie.

Yes, you read that right. Stop laughing.

Some (as yet anonymous) person had graded me like a piece of meat and determined that I was USDA Prime, although not because of the rich marbling, for once.

Tuesday was the phone interview, a whole bunch of softball questions that you can read in the article. Wednesday was the photoshoot at Ernestine and Hazel's a former brothel that's really a great (and appropriate, considering) location for portrait photography. Photographers normally contort me into awkward positions that make me feel self-conscious, and it shows in photographs, but I was pretty comfortable, and I think the portrait turned out well (folks have said as much).

Then I got to wait a week and not tell every single person I know what was going to happen--although I couldn't resist telling a few odd folks. The article came out, a handful of folks offered congratulations and notes of surprise (including an administrator at the school, just a second ago), we had a nice party at the Hi-Tone, and I have a lanyard badge certifying my hotness.

After the article and the party, I got an email from Mom, who apparently had gotten the news from my sister, which read:
Congratulations on being a Memphis Hottie. I've always thought you were a hottie. Just be careful; don't believe "hot" women when they say they are disease free and on birth control. Often, they lie. Smile.

And with the awkward squickiness of that, the universe was restored to its proper balance.

[tiny filter] You read it here first.

Okay, nobody reading this lives in Memphis, or knows Memphians (to my knowledge), but some of you might be amused or intrigued by this, so I think I'm safe in giving away this seekrit bit of information:

Every year the local alternative weekly picks a handful of folks that they label "Memphis Hotties." If you check the bottom of the linked article from last year, you'll notice a certain familiar blue crab avatar and a jokey comment lamenting being passed over.

This year, I will not be able to make that comment. Official announcement once I can link to this year's article, which should be a week from now.


Today I was called a narcissist, which seems like the most unlikely label that could conceivably be applied to someone with a generally negative self-image, but maybe it fits. Anyone want to weigh in with an opinion on what I think of myself? Am I too self-absorbed?
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The day of judgement has arrived!

I've been teaching English for the past month without any idea what sort of curriculum I should be covering outside of "American Literature, and how to write a 5-paragraph essay, that they inexplicably call a 3.5 Essay." I had no idea what they covered already in the textbook, so I jumped in and started covering the transcendentalists: Emerson, Thoreau, etc. The kids were bored out of their mind, but the unit wraps up with Martin Luther King, so I thought it might eventually hit home. Today I'll be teaching "Letter from Birmingham City Jail" and persuasive techniques. Or trying to, since I can't get the students to behave at all.

Oh, and I'll be being observed in class by the principal. It will never be more apparent that I have no idea what I'm doing than it will be today. I know my material (in English. Not so much in creative writing or journalism, where I've never taken a class in my life.) If not for the school's desperation for teachers, I would expect to find myself out of a job this afternoon. I might still.

At least when I was teaching math I felt like I wasn't completely faking my way through it. Here, I feel like a fraud. Not that I'm not busting my ass to try to do a good job, but an engineer gets completely different training than a teacher does.

Anyway, any positive thoughts you can send my way between 12:45 and 2:15 this afternoon couldn't hurt, right?
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A primadon? A divo?

So I've been rehearsing for a few weeks to perform the role of Daddy Warbucks in Annie, and got an email today telling me my performance schedule (there are two casts) for the two December weekends that the show runs.

I have Saturday and Sunday matinees and one Thursday night performance.

I am apparently the Understudy Warbucks. For this I have to shave my fucking head.

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Is He Dead? opens tonight. Like every show, there are some directorial decisions I would have made differently (I really dislike when someone tries to insert their own jokes into an otherwise-perfectly-serviceable script. It's like telling Mark Twain and David Ives that they could have made the script funnier, if only they'd tried hard enough), but when I don't necessarily like something, it's my job to suck it up and "trust the director's vision." Or whatever.

The last show I recall seeing that had a director who thought she was funnier than the author was Theatre Memphis' abysmal production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, and that show won award after award. Even the local theatre critic thought that was a very good production, and I would have left at intermission if it hadn't been a one-act, so what do I know? Maybe the same critic will also really like Is He Dead?

The test audiences have been laughing, anyway. And it's not a bad show by any means, it's just very heavy-handed where I think the material might have been better served with a light touch. Anyway, the director thinks its great, audiences are enjoying it, so y'all oughta come out and see it! We run through September 27, so there's plenty of time to schedule your road trip!
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See userpic.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter knew it the instant it happened, and facebook shortly thereafter, but for the rest of yous, I got laid off on Friday. Zero notice, zero severance, just a prayer for God to take care of us since the company sure as hell wouldn't be.

First time I've been jobless since just after graduation from college, sixteen years ago, but I didn't have actual bills to pay back then.

I've got a handful of places to send resumes to. One of the bright sides of being on Twitter and involved in theater is that I know A LOT of people--I had a "send your resume to XXX" a scant four hours after I sent out the notice that I'd gotten laid off, and probably a half dozen leads on job vacancies around town via friends and acquaintances. Just glad that engineering is a marketable skill.

Anyway, it's the weekend, nobody's up in HR anywhere, but tomorrow morning I start my new job looking for jobs. If anyone has leads, ideas, or wants to buy me a drink when they're passing through town I'm all for it.